Monday, August 01, 2005

Sasquatch's Thumbs Up

I was asked a question about screenwriting in my last post's comments sections, so I added some links to some previous posts on the subject, for what they are worth (Check out the comments section of the last post). But here's what Bruce Campbell thinks about screenwriting, here.

A Bigfoot Sighting Newsletter gives a shout out to Among Us here.

In just a week Microcinema Fest 2005 starts in Chicago. Here's some info on some workshops I am co-hosting Tuesday and Wednesday:

TUESDAY AUGUST 9, 1-3 p.m.
FROM MUSE TO SCREEN: John Oak Dalton and Peter O’Keefe will be covering all aspects of scriptwriting from the ground up. O’Keefe is a previous winner of the Writer’s Guild East screenwriting fellowship and the Guild’s Paddy Chayefsky Award. He has written for episodic television (including Tales from the Darkside), theatrical and direct-to-video (including for Full Moon Entertainment), and directed several festival-screened shorts. John Oak Dalton teaches scriptwriting at Ball State University and has several projects in development, in production, or on the video shelves, including Among Us and Peter Rottentail, and the upcoming Sex Machine and Cow Boy.

1-2:45 p.m. NOVICE TRACK: Wally Fong and John Oak Dalton will instruct emerging filmmakers in a variety of fundamentals, including basic lighting and shooting and discussions of audio, editing, and post-production.
2:45-3 p.m. BREAK.
3 p.m.-5 p.m.: FILMMAKER’S ROUNDTABLE: Film fest participants are invited to attend this “round robin”-style presentation and share their feedback about their experiences in the microcinema world. We will focus on discussions of a number of technologies on a variety of platforms, such as camera shoot-outs, editing suites, and more. Wally Fong and John Oak Dalton will moderate.
Wally Fong is a founding member and contributor to and Microcinema Fest, as well as wearing many hats in the Calgary-based production group Infiniti Productions, creators of the GCU web serial. John Oak Dalton has taught video production at the university level and has previously worked in broadcasting, educational media, and corporate production.

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jon solita said...

hey, the workshop line-up sounds great. i hope there's a decent turn out. it doesn't help that the microcinema fest website has old info and still lists it as being hosted by you and jason santo though.

especially eager to hear what you and peter have to say about writing. while i've been making great strides in the technical end of filmmaking, scripting is a much more difficult beast to tame.

John Oak Dalton said...

Thanks so much, Jon. I will be covering a lot of the same ground as last year, unfortunately for those who were there in South Dakota, but Peter will have a new, and probably more valuable, perspective. I'll miss Jason at the fest, though.

By the by, really nice work on "The Hook," playing at Microcinema Fest this year.