Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Betcha By Golly Wow

Apparently ARMED AND FAMOUS is going over to VH-1, if y'all want to see more of our midwestern crackheads.

In other entertainment news, my war against STUDIO 60 continues. However, after my last post, I spent some time on the internet and found out a lot of people think that it stinks. I smell doom around it. And believe me, I have smelled a few doomed projects, many of them my own.

I have to give credit to STUDIO 60 for one believable subplot. I can believe a poisonous snake can get loose in a studio, and a ferret would be set loose to catch it. I believe this because once when I worked at WIPB-TV a penquin got loose and pooped on my foot. And once when I worked at WXOW-TV a piglet got loose in the back of the production van and shat all over the place, and it stunk so bad that when I drove up to the TV station an engineer smelled it from clear inside and came out with a bucket of water.

Less believable is the subplot where Amanda Peet, an unwed mother and also some high-up at the fictitious network, ends up locked on the roof with her coke-addled stalker, who happens to be an employee who in real life is married to the mom from MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE. He mentions that it is an essential element of any romantic movie to be in a creepy situation like this. Note to writers: just because you point out something is trite in the context of your story, doesn't make it suddenly cool and all self-referential. It's still trite. That goes double if you try to put some 70s music to it, unless you're Quentin Tarantino and maybe not even then.

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