Monday, January 08, 2007

Everybody's Talking

I have not one, but two projects in the hopper that I need to be rolling on, so here are just some links to things on my mind:

An extremely cool article on tech trends in 2006, here (poached from my pal Bill Cunningham).

The reality show based in my hometown, ARMED AND FAMOUS, gets the stinkeye from The Washington Post, here.

Not for me, but interesting.

This site, $1,000 Spielberg, is also pretty interesting. When they get down to $100 Spielberg, I am so there (also poached from Bill).

If you missed "Bigfoot Stole My Six-Pack," the theme song of my sasquatch epic AMONG US, currently playing on the SPACE channel, somebody YouTubed it here (courtesy of my pal Tim Shrum).

You know what song brought tears to my eyes the other day? "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart.

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Joe said...

I tear up everytime I hear CATS IN THE CRADLE. Then I try and get to my kid as fast as I can to give him a hug.