Friday, January 26, 2007

Wild Strawberries

I had been complaining that there was no winter, so of course I woke up and the world was ringed in a crystal-clear ice, snow dusting the fields. Thursday morning I walked down the hill to my office in a bitter, biding wind and I heard a "caw! caw!" I looked up and saw a crow in a stark bare branch above my head, against a cold iron sky. It was so Seventh Seal that the film buff in me had to admire it even as I was filled with dread. Later that day I fell ill and left work and that night while I was bundled in a blanket on the couch and feeling miserable my daughter asked if she could borrow some clothes as Friday was "Nerd Day" at school and certainly I had something that would fit the bill. It is January in Indiana.

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Joe said...

Wow - I had nerd day in high school. But I already has my own clothes. Sad.

Hope you feel better.

By the way, being fully aware that it was a skewed view of Muncie, I actually dug Armed and Famous. I guess I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD to see any more.