Friday, May 20, 2005

Green Meat Stew

Against all logic I have survived six weeks in comic book writer John Layman's "American Idol" style blog competition. Here is what he said this week, and I get the first review of RAZORTEETH to boot:

John Oak Dalton wrote me last week recommending I Netflix his movie "Among Us" rather than "Razorteeth," fearing perhaps Razorteeth would be so horrendous it would merit him instant eLAYMANation. (Sorry I did not write you back, John... busy week.) Nonetheless, Razorteeth showed up in my mailbox, and I'm about 45 minutes into it, and it's horrendous. On the other hand, Episode III was just as bad, and that cost me $6 freakin' bucks. Plus, there is something inherrently charming about a movie whose entire special effects budget, as far as I can tell, consists of two plastic fish and a bucket of red food coloring.Previous Odds: 6-1New Odds: 13-1

Those fish weren't plastic, believe me. They stunk to high heaven. The red food coloring, however...

I'm probably going to get the boot next week from the competition as I am going to be way, way offline, probably until after Memorial Day. Then I will undoubtedly be back with tales of HELLSHOCK, the Polonia Brothers, and more. Until then, give me a shout at

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