Thursday, May 12, 2005

Look out! Nazi Zombies!

The first picture from second-unit shooting on HELLSHOCK, courtesy John Polonia. Medic Todd Carpenter is soon to be in need of medical attention as a zombie Nazi comes a-creepin'. Posted by Hello


Bill Cunningham said...

I tell you John, that image of a "Nazizombie" holding a schmeisser (sp?) sub-machine gun is your casewrap art for the DVD.

Get plenty of still of that guy in a variety of poses and angles.

For you filmmakers out there - your still camera is your greatest asset on set to "sell" your film that you have. Always, always get lots of shots of scenes from the most dramatic angle possible. Every shot needs to be a cover shot.

Gary Lumpp said...

I know it would be rental suicide, but I'd love for them to make this black & white in the end.

John Oak Dalton said...

These are authentic costumes on loan from a local guy who apparently doesn't mind, or isn't aware, how much mud and blood will end up on them. This is from a dream sequence where the Nazi-zombie makes the squad's medic Cathcart dig his own grave, then rattatattat! in he goes.

Thanks for the comments. Hopefully I'll pry some more stills from the Brothers, and I will take a pantsload of my own when I go out there.