Monday, May 16, 2005

Wire Mother

Hawk-eyed reader Joe found this, proving that I wasn't crazy when I talked about the Journey video game. And thanks for that.

Amazingly, I lived through another week at comic book writer John Layman's American Idol-style blog competition. He had this to say:

While I like internet personality test, I don't like those stupid interview list thingies. John Oak Dalton posted one that largely concerned music. I like that he admitted he (like myself) is too told for emo, but he loses points for not mentioning Alice Donut or the Cramps. I figure his Nazi Zombie photo balanced that out, and kept him alive for another week. That and the fact I'm waiting to see his movie Razorteeth on my Netflix que. Anway, John Oak Dalton lives another week.Previous Odds: 4-1 New Odds: 6-1

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Dr. Squid said...

I played that video game all those years ago (fav was and still is centipede) so it was a bit of nifty nostalgia that you'd mentioned that game. I had to find out what the name of it was (you wondered which album it was named after) and thus my internet search began - only to find out it's simply named JOURNEY. Oh, and the TRON arcade game. That RULED!

John Oak Dalton said...

We had two local arcades--the upscale Station Break and the downtown Magical Bear. Favorites were Robotron and Galaga.