Friday, October 21, 2005

The Long and Winding Road

My Little Brother Harold and I went to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Recognition Banquet where we were recognized for the one year anniversary of our match. When we went up to get our certificate the announcer mentioned that I had been Big Brother of the Year for our agency back in 1993. Harold piped in with, "And I wasn't even born yet!" Even at that age, going straight for the kidney punch. But I enjoy the banquet because you hear so many moving stories, and you see how important the program is. That's why I've been involved with it for 18 years now.

Along those lines, is it weird to be browsing somebody else's blog and catch a glimpse of yourself? A bit.

I played the Star Wars miniatures game with my (biological) brother Eric and diced up the icebase attack on Hoth. It ended slightly differently with C3PO giving his life to protect a wounded Leia. Might have helped the movies, too.

Lots of potential projects in the hopper, on the heels of the impending completion of Christopher Sharpe's Sex Machine and the Polonia Brothers' Black Mass, both victims of my keyboard. More later; until then, I'm at


jessica said...

hey john- i tried to be all sneaky with my pictures... didn't know you could actually pick people out. how did you find my blog, by the way?

John Oak Dalton said...

The blogosphere is a strange and powerful thing: