Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sunrise, Sunset Part 2

I keep reading about Madonna, who spent the 80s and 90s wearing her underwear on the outside and making out with people like Warren Beaty and Dennis Rodman and Brittney Spears, and now doesn't let her kids watch TV or eat ice cream, and I don't feel so bad about the shaggy-haired kid in the Who t-shirt who somehow became an old guy with a buzz haircut working in a basement. So thanks, Madonna.

Speaking of feeling old, my daughter is taking a child development class and has to carry around a five pound "flour baby" and keep it healthy, meaning not leaving it out on a counter and allowing it to be made into a batch of cookies. It's a bit alarming seeing my seventeen-year-old carrying around a swaddling blanket and cooing to it. Even worse, she named it Madelyn Ann, our alternate name for her at birth.

Kind of wish I knew this guy to go get a burrito with sometime.

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