Thursday, February 28, 2008

John Polonia's Fans Remember

I have received literally hundreds of hits from people looking for information about the sad, sudden death of prolific b-movie filmmaker John Polonia, so I am going to continue to post links here to other places as I can gather them up, as I have over the last few days.

Fangoria Magazine posts the news. I know John loved Fango, so I was glad to see this.

Some fans have made a YouTube tribute here.

Polonia Brothers Fan Site administrator Tim Shrum weighs in here.

B-movie reviewer Doug Waltz posts here.

DVD Maniacs have started a thread.

You can check the last few days for more, including Brett Kelly's very nice tribute site featuring other well-known b-movie filmmakers.

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Matthew Smith said...

As shock turns into sadness, sadness turns into reflection. For those of you that have had the privilege to work with John, on and off set, will no doubt have a smile on your face as you remember the man.

Remember the bounce in his step as a project gets under way. Remember his brimming excitement as the first shot was taken. Remember his reassurance that "we have a blockbuster" after a grueling week of shooting and John working his job at the same time. Remember the never ending drive and pure, unadulterated love for movie making that John and Mark bring with them every day.

These and so many other moments i will remember. And I shall smile when i think of John, from his high pitch "Great" to his breaking my lights every time he touched them. To his ability to douse himself in fake blood, over and over , without a complaint and wonder why other people would object to do the same. John would always do what was needed for the shot. No matter how many takes his brother would call for.

I'm proud to have known John and those moments will stay with me forever. I urge others to remember similar times and i guarantee , they will bring a smile to your face also.