Saturday, March 01, 2008

John Polonia: Final Thoughts

I was at filmmaker John Polonia's viewing Friday afternoon in Pennsylvania. The funeral home was very crowded and there was quite a line; friends from work, high school friends of John and Mark, many people from their extended family in the Wellsboro area, moviemaking friends. One thing that is easy to forget following the Polonia Brothers through their movies or the web is the part of them that was their lives as ordinary people, who lived down the street from each other in their hometown in a beautiful, rural area of Pennsylvania with a lot of family and old friends around. I know that John's family was glad that there were so many people there to pay their respects. I believe the line remained long for several hours.

I saw a few movie-making guys there and I know more came later. I remember that John had said, during their surprise birthday party a few years ago, that with all the guys around they should have shot a movie instead of having a party. I thought that perhaps John would have said the same thing on Friday.

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