Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mental Scars Press Release

From my pal Ivan Rogers' site...

March 29, 2008
THE LATEST BUZZ . . . comes from North Carolina where Executive Producers, Richard L. Myles, of Raleigh, and Mischa Perez, of Durham, have inked a deal with Ivan Rogers to helm their feature film entitled, “Mental Scars.” The deal will see Ivan Rogers directing from a script penned by Richard L. Myles and John Oak Dalton that is based on a story told by Myles.

Coin for the production of the Picture comes via Mental Scars, LLC in conjunction with Viper Productions, LLC. When asked about the project, Ivan had this to say, “I’m very thrilled and appreciative of the fact that Mr. Myles and Mr. Perez have entrusted me with the challenge, and the opportunity, to bring this entertaining story to life and onto the big screen. They’re expecting a great movie and they're going to get it!”

“Mental Scars” has been given the green light by the Executive Producers and will start principal photography in Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas on May 5, 2008. To learn more about the film, visit The Mental Scars Official Web site at

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Congratulations John !!