Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hey Food

There is something comforting in knowing it's baseball season again, though already the Braves and Redlegs and Cubs and Tigers have all lost already (though the Indians and the Brewers won). Ever since I started working an hour or so closer to Ohio I have been catching a lot more Reds and Indians on the AM radio and thus have fallen back into following MLB a bit more closely. But I think it's also that this time of year is when my creative juices start flowing again. Springtime, with a baseball game murmuring in the background, is ideal writing conditions for me.

I am trying to be more of a full-service blog, so here is a recipe:

JOD's Baseball Opening Night Burger
Throw a patty on the grill and crank the grill up high for one minute.
Flip the burger and salt with seasoning salt.
After another minute, turn down heat and cook rare.
Put a bed of fresh spinach on a deli bun and sprinkle with blue cheese.
Add burger.
Add layer of BBQ baked beans.
Top bun.
Eat and cheer on your favorite MLB team.

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