Friday, September 17, 2004

The Big Gold Dream

This week's meme comes from The Daily Dirt:

1. Who is your hero?
Jimmy Carter, currently spending his retirement building houses for homeless people.

2. Your angel?
William Goldman, whose words have saved me from screenwriting despair before.

3. Your best friend?
Matt Booty in the 70s (currently at Midway Games in Chicago), my brother in the 80s, my wife in the 90s.

4. Your imaginary friend (when you were younger, if you had any)?
A real kid named Jackie who only became imaginary when he moved away and I still pretended he was around.

5. Your favorite TV personality?
TV Horror Host Sammy Terry in the 70s, MTV VJ Martha Quinn in the 80s, Jerry Orbach in the 90s.

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