Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Zorro's Fighting Legion

Damn, according to Netflix I've rated over 1,000 movies. I've seen a lot of flicks, I guess.

I've decided I need to take another spin at finding an agent. It's tricky, as you often can't get an agent unless you have something produced, but of course you can't get something produced unless you have an agent; just like it's hard to get into the Writer's Guild without having a sale to a guilded production, but of course you can't sell a script to a production that is going to be made through the Guild unless you happen to be in the Guild already. I guess I should say that it's more than tricky.

I'm probably going to have to stop typing in a moment as I am bleeding from the eyes.

Some loyal readers might recall that after my first script sale, details of which appeared in Hollywood Reporter and Variety (though it has not to date gone past development), I sent letters to every agent I could find--and got not one single response. Perhaps I will have better luck this time. We shall see.

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