Friday, September 10, 2004

Spear and Fang

I try to do a meme every Friday, so here's one from Four for Friday:

Q1: If you were able to possess any supernatural power, what would that power be?

Is seeing the future a supernatural power? If not, I'd like to have a familiar. I think my current real life super power/supernatural power is the ability to always find a good parking space.

Q2: On this day in 1935, at the Bonneville Salt Flats in north western Utah, famed English speed demon Malcolm Campbell blew through the 300-miles-per-hour barrier to set a new land-speed record of 310.13 miles. What percent of the time you spend behind the steering wheel of your car would you say you drive faster than the posted speed limit?

Hardly ever, once my son starting racking up speeding tickets, as I tried to live by example. Before I got a few speeding tickets, always for (what I think) are ridiculously low speeds, like 62 in a 55 and 30 in a 20 (in a state park--I told the ranger I thought I was the first guy ever to get a speeding ticket going 30 mph). Then I hear from some cute college girl who cries her way out of 90 in a 55 or a guy that charms his way out of the same. I've never got a warning. Every time I've been pulled over, ticket. Offsets my parking space power, I guess.

Q3: Can one live alone with just having friends in their life, or are we human beings only complete if we have a family of our own, i.e., a husband/wife/partner and children?

It works for me, but it ain't for everybody, so don't push it. One can live alone. I know some people that married the people they thought they 'should' marry but really wanted to be single and some that want so badly to be in a family but can't find someone. Finding and keeping a family really is almost a supernatural power.

Q4: What is one thing that you could start doing today that would immediately improve the quality of your life?

Start running again like I keep saying I will.

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Mikal said...

Q1: I would want super powerful hearing. That way, I could find out a lot of things that would A). Put me in a position to help others to a greater degree; and B). Ease my own concerns about a lot of things I really shouldn't be all that concerned about (because of assumptions I make).

Q2. Ten percent, at the most. While I don't always drive the speed limit or below it, I'd say I do so around 90 percent of the time.

Q3. Yes, I do believe that we can live fulfilling and accomplished lives outside of the realm of marriage and parenthood. Clearly, and for very good and appropriate reasons, that sort of life is not meant for each and every one of us, but for many people it seems to work very well (as does marriage and family life for others). To those of you who gag at the notion of one human being 'completing' another, I suggest taking a step back and considering what a gift it is that has been bestowed upon humankind that everyone is not wired the same way. All of that having been said, I too believe that companionship and romance are beautiful things.

Q4. Be less critical of myself.