Friday, October 01, 2004

Kakushi Toride No San Akunin

On Fridays I like to do a blog meme, so here's one from Four for Friday, somewhat wordy today:

Q1: When shopping for food or related sundries, how important are brands in your decision-making process? For instance, let's say you're standing in the cereal isle at your local supermarket, and right there in front of you are two of essentially the same item, but one carries a brand name or label you're familiar with, while the other is labeled with the name of the supermarket? All things being equal except price, which box of cereal do you purchase?

I like to try off brands more than generics because I've read a bit about positioning in stores and how certain items which are perfectly good get nudged out by big companies paying "shelf fees" and what have you. I also like trying regional brands.

Q2: If you wore eyeglasses, based on what you know today about the procedure, would you choose to have elective laser surgery to correct a common eye disorder such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or an astigmatism (distorted vision)? Do you know anyone who has had this sort of surgery, and if so, what have they said about the experience and/or the results?

I know everybody gets through the surgery fine, with no complaints, but I can't help but think someday there will be all these old people walking around with raisins for eyes. Just like I think somebody will say to me, "Grandpa, did you guys really think microwaves were okay to cook with back then?'

Q3: What do you do when you're given the wrong amount of change when purchasing something with cash? Does your reaction differ depending on which side of the equation you land, i.e., receiving too much change verses not enough?

I actually was given ten dollars too much in change just the other day and I gave it right back. Call it karma or whatever, but I think I might get shorted one day when I really need the money to balance it out, so I am always very careful not to consider it "found money."

Q4: Do you have confidence in the airport screening procedures in place in the United States?

Yeah, because the last couple of times I've flown I got pulled aside and given "the full Monty."

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