Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ladri di Biciclette

I have been a bit ill the last few days, but still trying to cast my net far and wide to root out some new projects. This time last year, I had just finished the rewrite on PETER ROTTENTAIL and started the rewrite on an as-yet unrealized Polonia Brothers project, a ghost pirate movie called GIZZARD GUTS. A few new possibilities are in the works, more later.

Last night I went to the first preseason game for the Indiana Pacers, playing the lowly Washington Wizards and barely scraping out with a last-second tip-in to win. Slightly disappointing that the heavy hitters only played the first quarter, the bench the middle two, and all the scrubs the last quarter.

Saturday my brother and some friends and I are going to try to start playing Dungeon Magazine's D&D Adventure Path "Shackled City," which is ten modules over ten issues designed to take new characters to around 20th level. I am curious to see if this could be done in theory as well as practice, and will report more as it is ongoing. We are hoping to write a sage article about it when it's all over, at some point in the far future.

I have been so jazzed about SEX MACHINE lately that I just had to post a few more cool pictures today, courtesy of Christopher Sharpe.

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