Friday, October 29, 2004

Uchu Kaisoku-sen

Today I finally decided to bite the bullet and participate in National Novel Writing Month. You will be able to follow my luck here, at a new blog I have created just for this event. I guess it's my version of rock climbing or bungee jumping or some other tests of manhood, like when I did the 24 Hour Comics Challenge a few years ago on my 35th birthday. Nerd extreme sports, I guess.

All I have decided is that I am going to call it URAMESHIYA, which translates from the Japanese to "Ghost Scream," because that was a cool word I ran across while reading LONE WOLF AND CUB and I have always wanted to use it for the title of something. I will probably do a sci-fi or fantasy story. I'm not going to actually cheat, like some other NaNoWriMo bloggers I came across today, and start writing early, or spiritually cheat by thinking of plots and characters and so on ahead of time.

More here and at my other blog later; until then, give me a holler at


The Furnace said...

Did anyone ever email you as to why they're voting for Bush?

John Oak Dalton said...

Yes, a young woman from the battleground state of Ohio sent me a fairly lengthy bullet-pointed commentary just this weekend.