Friday, October 22, 2004

Operator 13

On Friday I like to do a blog meme, so here's one from Four for Friday, straight off the top of my head:

Q1: When and/or where do you do your best thinking?
The day after a migraine.

Q2: Do you ever have epiphanies, moments when things become so abundantly clear that you're left wondering what in the heck you were thinking up until that point in time?
Yes, often when listening to 70s soul music.

Q3: They say every one of us has at least one in our lifetime... Without revealing something you're not comfortable sharing, have you ever had what you believed to be a million dollar business idea?
In college I did a Super-8 Batman movie before Tim Burton and a sunglasses-and-trenchcoats movie before Quentin Tarantino. Later I had a comic book character called "Retro Girl" before Brian Michael Bendis. Having the idea isn't the hard part.

Q4: Mandatory/planned fire drills in the workplace... an unnecessary waste of time or in the best interests of the employee and company?
Sure, everybody likes to loaf off for a few minutes!

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