Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Johnny Got His Gun

I spoke on the phone with Mark Polonia the other night about a polish on HELLSHOCK, and today over lunch I'm looking over my notes, and they read like this:

crater--charred soldier--knife in neck--lousy whore--rotting zombie Nazi--fly around balcony--confessionals--Nazi suicide (Luger)--POV creature in cemetary--

Let's just hope an FBI profiler never gets ahold of this.

Mark also asked me to take out some f-bombs I put in there, since most of the feature takes place in an actual working church. Now if the Polonias and I are going to hell, like some critics have encouraged us to, it won't be for cussing in a church. Maybe I should change it to "fug," like Norman Mailer did in THE NAKED AND THE DEAD.

NAKED DEAD, damn that's a good title. I should suggest that to Mark as an alternate.

I am starting on a quick polish for Terrence Muncy's COW BOY, a cautionary tale about the perils of teens having sex in the woods while monstrous creatures lurk nearby, and need to have it ready for a cast read-through March 25. Apparently they also have some FX work underway. When the website goes up, I'll provide the link here.

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gmlumpp72 said...

I think it's great the Polonias are doing something that isn't set in suburbia. Odds are they'd never do it, but it would be pretty cool if they shot in black & white.