Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Days of Wine and...Well, Wine.

My kitchen is starting to look like a backwoods distillery; this Sunday I bottled my long-babied Carmenere wine, which had already met with good reviews when I filched a few glasses out of the carboy earlier on; then I started putting together my next batch, a Barolo. In the meantime, a guy I worked on "Small Town Scenario" with asked if I had ever made any wine from handpicked fruit, and I answered I hadn't because I had never been able to gather up five pounds of fruit at once. He promptly showed up with five pounds of gooseberry, and now two gallons of gooseberry wine is burbling in a plastic bucket in the corner. Plus now my wife is using one of my one-gallon carboys to make something that I am afraid is called a Cherry Bang.

One might wonder where the discussion of my summer spec is. It's odd looking back at my post of just a short time ago, where I said I woke up and saw it all set out before me. That was good for about ten pages, then I woke up and looked and it all seemed like sawdust on the floor. Too many other things have crowded in, and the muse flitted up into a tree. I hope I can coax her down soon.

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Bill Cunningham said...

If your muse is still caught up in the tree by the end of the week, then let me know. I have a shotgun.


John Oak Dalton said...

This is why you have sold more scripts than me! :)


Bill Cunningham said...

That and the fact that I was there, I had a pulse, and they were already paying me!

Ah, the "joys" of working on staff!