Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Bloodshot Eyes

My daughter is in the background cooking away at the new Harry Potter book. This is one of those pop culture phenoms, perhaps one of the few, that I have missed the boat on, and when I see the huge phonebook-thick tomes I'm not sure I can ever get on the bandwagon. I know I am a traitor to my nerd kin for saying this, but I actually dozed off during the first two movies. Perhaps it was because they were out over the holidays, always a time for overtaxing. The third one I stayed wide awake for, so I have to say it's my favorite. My daughter reports it is no patch on the books.

Thus my daughter was there at the stroke of midnight Friday to get the copy I prepaid for, along with a thousand or so other people. You know, say what you want, but when you get a thousand everyday people together all excited about a book these days, that's pretty effing cool.

Two or three possible projects floating on the horizon, just have to reel 'em in. Until then, I'm at johnoakdalton@hotmail.com.


Bill Cunningham said...

Traitor! Turn in your comic collection, DVDs, model kits, 'action' figures (how a solid immovable object gets the moniker "action figure" I'll never figure out), and all of those t-shirts featuring comic book characters we will never look like.

Your days of nerd-dom are over. Consider yourself out of the club.

Turn your back on Harry indeed!


(FYI - haven't read one either. Only saw the movies. But please, don't tell anyone...)

John Oak Dalton said...

As long as you don't tell anyone I also fell asleep during ALL THREE Lord of the Rings movies!


Christopher Sharpe said...

I HATED Harry Potter based on the first two movies and an attempt to read the first book. However, I liked the third movie so much (one of my favorite fantasy films), I decided to give the books a chance starting with Book 3. Holy Shit. I am beyond hooked. I finished Book 6 late last night, early this morning and I am reeling at how brilliant the whole thing is.

The lead actor in Sex Machine is a a huge fan of the books and it was probably partially due to his pressuring me that the books were really good that caused me to finally give in. But now I am completely hooked and actually kind of depressed that I've already finished the book.

Christopher Sharpe said...

And yes, I should be editing instead of reading.