Friday, July 22, 2005

King of the Fire Trolls

I was bummed to hear one of my favorite comic book artists, Jim Aparo, died. I would put up a link here but there are so many good ones I would just suggest googling him and see what you find.

I learned from Mark Polonia that about an hour of Black Mass, the WWII supernatural thriller I penned for them, is in the can. This week I also sent off two hours of behind-the-scenes footage I shot with my trusty Digital 8 and a fifteen minute interview I conducted with myself for the behind-the-scenes doc.

I found out from Christopher Sharpe that he ended up with a THREE HOUR rough cut of Sex Machine, a script I rewrote over, which alas he will have to wait for the eventual director's cut to screen. I believe he wants to get it down to about 90 minutes.

I talked for about an hour to Michael Noens yesterday about Microcinema Fest 2005, coming up in two weeks and change. I will be presenting some workshops again this year, this time with Wally Fong of ReWind and perhaps one or two others. I'm sure there will be lots of stories and photos of the festivities here next month.

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Christopher Sharpe said...

I'm down to 2 hours 18 minutes! It seems like I have been stuck right around the 2:15 running time for about two weeks.

1 page = 1 minute = BULLSHIT!

Amit said...

totally 1 page - 1 minute theory was always bullshit but no one listens anymore - it is almost if it is ingrained into our very souls. heeheee...{script for 'memories' was 52 pages but the rough cut came to 2 hours}

Chris- i am a nobody but thought i would say something.. step away from the edit for a day, re-analyze your thoughts on whose story you are telling and you will find that more scenes will start getting axed without impacting on the story itself - yes, some characters will get shortened quite a bit but ultimately you will have a tighter edit and smaller run length. actors will understand if their parts don't shape up as big as in the script.

Tom Cherry said...

It was a shame to hear about Aparo's passing. I grew up loving his work on the Brave and the Bold. Great stuff.

John Oak Dalton said...


Your movie may be telling you, in a Zen way, that it IS 2 hours and 15 minutes. There is no law either that say Bs have to be 90 minutes.