Monday, July 11, 2005

The Other Shoe

I was pretty nervous when I went to the premiere of the short I DP'd, "A Postcard from Farmland," in my small town's community center Friday night. When you write b-movies it's pretty much a given that there is a cadre of foes out there eager to sharpen their knives and turn the spit, no matter how good or bad the project may be. But something like this, which I shot as a love letter to my humble home, is something entirely different. I was a bit shocked to see the room nearly standing room only with more than fifty people on hand (I was expecting a tenth of that), including a few loyal readers of this little blog (thanks Tom and Tim!)! It seemed to be very well received, I thought. You can see photos from the premiere, and a summary, here.
Otherwise, clip-clopping away on a new spec, and fishing around for another project. Until later, I'm at

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Anonymous said...

John, there are a few things we have of you on tape that'll probably never see the light of day. But, in the event of blackmail, a readied vhs copy of certain statements made by Sparky are packaged and awaiting delivery to P.E.T.A.! Just kidding, of course.