Thursday, April 19, 2007


Recently I reported that my IMDBPro STARmeter (TM) had gone up over 100%, and I was thinking about what a wonderful, valuable tool the STARmeter was. Now I noticed I'm down 2%, and I realize what a foul, cruel sham the IMDBPro STARmeter (TM) is perpetrating on the public.

In local news, the tornado siren in my town blew off during a storm. Now, I guess if we want to know if there's a tornado, we have to look around on the ground for the siren. If we see it lying around somewhere, it's time to head to the basement.

Punching up some pages for NEW JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH for the Polonia Brothers and gearing up to go to SPACE in C0lumbus this weekend. If I'm lucky I'm going to check out GRINDHOUSE tomorrow night.

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