Sunday, April 22, 2007

Voyage Into S.P.A.C.E.

I've been gorging on minicomics, comics, and 'zines since I returned from Columbus Ohio yesterday, and the Small Press and Comics Expo. I journeyed with my brother Eric, always up for an adventure, and cartoonist Tom Cherry, who I last hung out with during the 24 Hour Comics Day Event at Reader's Copies comic book store in Anderson, Indiana, where I sore-handedly penned most of "The Liberator."

I brought a thick stack of "The Liberator" as well as some issues of my sporadically printed, but steadily poor, minicomic series "Volunteers." I was surprised how many people were willing to take a copy, and wanted to give me back something in exchange. It was like giving somebody a stick of gum and getting back an ice cream sundae.

Some good things I've read since I got home last night include Carrie McNinch's "You Can't Get There From Here" #2, Ken Dahl's "No," Matt Feazell's "Board of Superheroes" #1, and Christoph Meyer's "28 Pages Lovingly Bound With Twine" #13. Things I'm looking forward to reading still are Al Burian's "Things Are Meaning Less," Pal Bliss' "Kekionga," Pat Lewis' "Abominable," Moe Bowstern's "Xtra Tuff" #5, and "Papercutter" #4.

A lot of good people doing good things. These kinds of trips always get the gears turning for new projects and new ideas.

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