Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jesus Is Just Alright With Me

I was just re-reading last weekend's post about how happy I was that it was Spring, coming in on the wings of Pam Grier. Since then we have had record cold for April and some accumulated snow. We had a Green Christmas but are having a White Easter. The good news is that I gave up all sweets and baked goods for Lent and didn't cheat once (and lost a couple of pounds in the bargain). The bad news is we should be at Mass, but an arsonist burned down the church yesterday. Happy Easter, everyone!

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Pete Bauer said...

Somebody burned down your church right before Easter! That's awful!

Congrats on a successful Lent. I didn't give up anything, but time. I spent more time studying the bible, trying to understand this massive thing called Catholicism. It's deep, brother.