Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SPACEd Again

Working on a few new scenes for NEW JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. I was asked to actually add some dialogue, a rare treat for the b-movie screenwriter.

I'm still reading some of my great, and great big, stash from the Small Press and Comics Expo in Columbus this past weekend. I bought a lot of good stuff from Microcosm Publishing, and got to meet their head guy Joe Biel. Once upon a time, their "Stolen Sharpie Revolution" got me back into reading 'zines again. I told him one big thing has changed since I last read 'zines in the 80s; now, if you wonder how the zinester is doing after you get done reading their work, they usually have a MySpace page, or a blog. Some of the mystique is gone, but I still like that whole DIY ethos, that even in the face of advanced technologies some dude with a typewriter and a gluestick can keep on keepin' on.

Did you know that two of the top five oldest people in the U.S. live in Indiana? Ah, the good life.

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