Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby I'm-A Want You

I have been laughing until crying at Kathy Griffin's LIFE ON THE D LIST show. But if she's on the D List, where am I? Probably QQQ, like the top row of cold metal bleachers at the Colts' stadium.

I got a courtesy subscription to US WEEKLY when PREMIERE got canceled and thank God it's almost run out. I saw the new issue the other day and was like, "Oh, finally, Lindsey Lohan's mom is telling her side!" and "Brittany Murphy married a bad guy, oh snap!" I'm so ashamed.

I was out to dinner with some friends when they started talking about how funny Christopher Sharpe and Shogo were on the commentary track for SEX MACHINE. I looked kind of blank, and my brother asked, "Haven't you listened to it yet?" I admitted I didn't have a copy and had given both of my early screeners away. Another friend said, "You mean, of the people sitting at this table, you are the only one without a copy?" Damn, I better get my ass on Amazon.

My good pal Mark Polonia gets interviewed at the Houston Chronicle website here, and I link it even though he didn't mention me.

The Polonia Brothers' new movie SPLATTER BEACH is getting a lot of good buzz. But they always make their bikini movies with Misty Mundae without me.

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Tom said...

I just can't seem to get behind Kathy Griffith. Something about her just turns me off. In fact, every time I see her in Pulp Fiction, I get extremely disappointed when she's not the woman who gets shot in the hit-and-run scene.

Dr. Squid said...

Don't worry man. There have been plaenty of movies I've worked on where I had to buy a copy. :)

Bill Cunningham said...

email me your address, and I'll send you a copy when I finally get around to shipping Chris his copies.

I'm slow (and sorry)...

Pete Bauer said...

I'm just as much of an idiot. I rented Sex Machine through Netflix and returned it without listening to the commentary tracks.

I plan on buying the film anyway, but still... doh!

Christopher Sharpe said...

I was just about to mention that I didn't have a copy either, but Bill beat me to it!

I'm glad the commentary is entertaining people. And the John Oak Dalton bonus commentary will be coming very soon to the web site along with some other bonus features.