Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Also, call your dad if you haven't already.

This one has been a bit dull; I have been slouched on the couch all day watching my ball teams lose, suffering from a head cold. My wife was in a fender bender last night and is okay but not feeling too great either. Oatmeal and tea for supper, with Nyquil for desert.

I got a lot of emails during my Florida sojourn. Longtime reader Pete writes:

John, In case you didn't know, you can now watch Among Us on Netflix in their Watch Now offering. So, if you have a membership, you can watch it online for free. I'm going to check it out this weekend, if things don't get too hectic.

Thanks for the tip! That Bigfoot movie seems to have legs, or at least feet, it seems.

New reader Don writes:

You didn't go to Ball State by any chance? I remember the film programming at the Student Center there being first-rate, with flicks like Attack of the Mushroom People and Robot Monster--the Daily News offered up that a guy named John Dalton was to credit. Seeing that we're the same age and you're also a Hoosier....

Truly, that was I. That job was fun, but a struggle at times. We made money showing TOP GUN and FERRIS BUEHLER so we could show stuff like A BOY AND HIS DOG and BARBARELLA outside in the Quad at our makeshift drive-in.

I hadn't thought about that in a while. This interwebs is a funny thing.

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