Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One Morning From A Bogart Movie, In A Country Where They Turn Back Time

I am working on a new third act for URAMESHIYA for director Amit Tripuraneni, plus a few new scenes for NEW JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH for the Polonia Brothers. Both projects I'm excited about.

They tore down the Northwest Plaza Cinema in my hometown. It wasn't one of those fancy old theaters but it had a fair amount of history. Naturally, they are building a Ruby Tuesday's there. An old friend and local film history buff, Conrad Lane, talked about it in the local paper. When I was a scrawny high school kid and a scruffy college kid Conrad inexplicably regularly invited me onto his local film review show on the PBS affiliate and his show on an AM radio station, sending me on the path I am on today. When he retired he gave me a thick book of Oscar history which I still keep on my shelf. Conrad said that the old Plaza was known for debuting STAR WARS (and I was there), but its longest running feature was THE LONGEST YARD, of all things.

When I was a kid, going to see STAR WARS thirteen times was the magic number that entered you into that next realm of coolness. My kids never understood why we went to the movies so much. But they have never lived in a world where that movie was never coming to HBO because there wasn't one, or coming to a video store because there weren't any built, or going to pop up on VHS or DVD because they hadn't been invented yet. All we had was it might show up on one of three channels in the far future, all cut up with commercials. Such a strange world cannot be imagined by the youth of today.

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