Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summer Catch

Everyone told me not to take my laptop on vacation, but nothing spells vacation to me more than uninterrupted writing time. I have been working on punching up the third act of URAMESHIYA for director Amit Tripuraneni and worked on that. A change of venue always gets my juices flowing. I knocked out reading RITES OF PASSAGE by Alexei Panshin and Philip K. Dick's FLOW MY TEARS, THE POLICEMAN SAID and then traded them at the paperback swap area for CITY OF ICE by John Farrow. I watched GHOST IN THE SHELL: SOLID STATE SOCIETY because we were on vacation and nobody would tell me not to watch it. I peeked ahead and watched the last episode of THE SOPRANOS and saw the season premiere of BIG LOVE. I laughed until I cried over that Kathy Griffin show on Bravo. I found out the Tampa Ray Devil Rays look pretty good this year. I loafed around and ate a lot of good seafood.

The batteries reloaded, and now I'm back to work today and cruising around cyberspace. Give me a shout at

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