Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Green Grass and High Tides Forever

Is it just me or was ON THE LOT supposed to be on last night? Is it already box office poison this early in its run?

Well, my secret project is secret no more. Over a year ago director Amit (MEMORIES OF TOMORROW) Tripuraneni and I talked about doing a project together, but the stars were never in alignment. He began working on his new thriller FIVE and I wrote four other projects (but kept going back and tweaking the other during down or stuck times on those projects). Just in the last few weeks it has started to come together. And I have been very excited about this one because this is probably my favorite script that I've written, and Amit is a real up-and-coming director (and you can see what I thought about MEMORIES OF TOMORROW, long before I ever emailed with Amit, here).

Anyway, more about URAMESHIYA (GHOST SCREAM) soon.

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GaryL said...

They've already combined the On The Lot shows (the making-of on Mondays and the voting on Tuesdays) into a single one hour show on Tuesdays at 7pm. So yeah, it's already a bomb but with Spielberg's name attached they'll give it a few more weeks. I think last week's voting show killed it since it was so terribly boring.

GaryL said...

I hate that I made sure to watch On The Lot last night, since it's everything I despise about this whole culture of "win a contest, be a successful filmmaker." They seemed to have made a huge change in the format - wasn't the original selling point that these folks were being sent to L.A. to work with a professional crew to make short films? Now they've all been sent home to make shorts in 5 days with whatever cast and crew they can scrounge up. One short looked like it was shot on consumer grade digital (the dinner with the Jewish parents). Another filmmaker complained that there was no money in the budget - they get a budget? Maybe the show would work if they could settle on a format. Ultimately I think it reveals that these guys aren't really anything special when they're put on the same level as the rest of the microbudget filmmakers out there.

Bill Cunningham said...

Small world moment:

Right this very second, I am sitting in the office of the design company that designed the cover for MEMORIES OF TOMORROW...