Monday, February 02, 2004

American Metaphysical Circus

Saturday was a good day; my daughter was in a high school music competition in the morning and got a first place, then we went to dinner at to an opera (Die Fledermaus) in the evening.

The next morning I was running laundry, and something got backed up outside in the sewer line and a large, oily, fragrant brown fountain shot out of the downstairs toilet.

My mind is still humming for the first and my stomach is still churning from the second.

That's the tricky part about life; enjoying the opera without thinking that the next day you may be swabbing up poo. Live for the moment, indeed.

Well, bad luck seems to always come in threes; my car broke down, my PC is dead, then this. Maybe fortunes will turn again. I got some good feedback on a project that I hope I can share with everyone shortly.

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