Friday, June 18, 2004

Attack of the Mushroom People

I just did the Friday Four meme last post, so here's another one I like to visit, the Daily Dirt, right off the top of my head:

1. When nobody's watching, what do you do?

Watch sports on TV.

2. When you're in the lift alone, what do you do?

Wonder if there's a camera on me.

3. You're in a busy supermarket and you feel like farting, what do you do?

Let it out a little at a time so it sounds like the wheel of the cart.

4. You're wearing leather pants out on a date and you accidentally trip and rip your pants, what do you do?

Although I have never worn leather pants, I actually split the seat of a pair of dress pants at my wife's college alumni gathering, then just sidled along the wall the rest of the night.

5. While taking a shower, what's the silliest thing you've done in there?

Plotted movie scenes.

Today's my daughter's sixteenth birthday--wish me luck.

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