Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Cat-Women of the Moon

I had a migraine Sunday night that spilled over into Monday, with double/blurred vision, a first. But today dawned bright and clear. The only good thing that comes from migraines is that in the following days I often feel creative sparks, so let's hope that's the case this time as I could use a dose.

I have finished up my first draft of my latest spec script, a modern dress/original prose adaptation of an obscure Shakespeare play that I have been wanting to put together for a while and finally decided to go for it, even though nobody will probably ever want to read it, much less produce it. But you have to do something entirely for yourself once in a while. I haven't done a spec for about a year, which is good in that I have had plenty of people wanting to do projects for them, but not so good in that you should always try to keep something in your back pocket for yourself, so you're not always delivering other people's babies, but having some of your own.

I still shop my last spec, ROOK, a psychological sci-fi/ alternate history story, around now and then, so it's always worthwhile to write them; though, as my brother pointed out, a story that relies heavily on the political career of Aaron Burr might be somewhat limited in audience. The whole plot for ROOK came to me after a migraine last summer, by the way, on a night when it felt like my head was a metal ball shooting off bolts of lightning. Perhaps I will post it next, if I ever get back to finishing posting the last few pages of RING OF THE SORCERESS, which got some pretty good feedback from loyal blog readers, so I should put the ending up over the next few days.

Speaking of scripts, I heard from Mark Polonia today that they are finishing up the shooting on RAZORTEETH this weekend, the killer pirahna script I polished up for them a while back, to be released next summer. It should be a fun, energetic little action/horror outing.

I also learned PETER ROTTENTAIL is selling pretty well, and streets a week from today, for those interested.

I finished reading LONE WOLF AND CUB finally, a milestone comic book series, eight thousand plus pages, probably the most powerful comic books I've ever read, and definitely an influence on my current writing. 24 volumes from Dark Horse Comics, and a complete knockout start to finish.

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