Wednesday, June 16, 2004

They Saved Hitler's Brain

I missed this week's Friday Four meme, so here it is on Wednesday:

1. Favorite card game and why?

Euchre, which is not understood by anyone who is not a Hoosier, and if you are a fellow Hoosier, need not be explained.

2. Favorite video game and why?

I haven't always had a ton of time for video games but I have spent a fair amount of time on Civilization II, Alpha Centauri, and some NCAA basketball game at various junctures in my life.

3. Favorite board game and why?

I spent a lot of nights as a teen playing a little minigame called "Revolt on Antares" but "Axis and Allies" is always solid.

4. Favorite any-other-type-of-game and why?

For me and Vin Diesel, there can be only one: Dungeons and Dragons, from "Keep on the Borderland" forward.

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