Monday, November 01, 2004

Akage no Anne

I tried to go see Brian Flemming's musical play BAT BOY (about the Weekly World News character) at Ball State University over the weekend, even though all shows was sold out. I got on the waiting list Friday and watched as every person on the waiting list except me got in. The stage door swung shut and the music started up inside, and I was on the outside looking in once more. Such is life. It's too bad, as I really liked Brian's movie NOTHING SO STRANGE (which I reviewed here) and would have liked to see what he did with this odd topic.

I carved pumpkins Sunday afternoon and chatted with some friends from Ohio, a "battleground state" in tomorrow's elections, which means that they get recorded messages from people like Laura Bush and Bill Clinton while we in Indiana cling valiantly to the thought of the popular vote even though we know full well our Electoral College, whatever that is, is giving our state to Bush.

I started my NaNoWriMo Blog today, and the first sentence is: The debauching of the slave girls began at noon. I always thought that would be a good first sentence for a book. 1,098 words today.

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