Thursday, May 24, 2007

The B-Mailbag Returns

Loyal Canadian reader Jamie writes:

Hello John, how's it going? Congrats on SEX MACHINE!!!! AMONG US aired again last weekend on Space, the third in the CREATURE FEATURE line-up. Very cool!

Thanks, and I'm glad AMONG US is still thrillin' them up in the Great White North!

Longtime reader Doug weighs in on a number of geek-pop references of late:

Well, first off, you're pretty much exactly right about the black alien costume, except that the actual origin is even more non-sensical. My brothers and I actually got the Secret Wars books for Christmas one year, along with the very first Transformers Comics put out by Marvel. Just so happened that they were the first comics we ever got, so I still remmeber them in every detail. While catching a breather in an alien fortress on an alien world, Wasp shows up (not surprisingly) wearing a new costume. Spidey, looking rather ragged by this point, asks where she got the new threads, and she points to a room and says that she got some alien machine to make them for her. Spidey wanders into the room, looks at a variety of machines, picks one that looks like a salon hair dryer, puts his head underneath, and a black ball drops into his hand. It then covers his whole body, apparently dissolving his old costume. He later goes back to earth, and wild hijinks ensue. Weirder still is that he makes a guest appearance in Transformers #3 wearing the balack costume. THose were the days, I guess.

I would advise against seeing FF2. FF1 was absolutely awful. I don't expect the new one to be any better. I did find it interesting that the actor who plays Silver Surfer is a former Ball State Charley Cardinal.

As for JLA/JSA, I had the same thoughts about the Legion Appearance. I think this is (one of) DC's way of showing that the multiverse is back and that Pre-Crisis earth really did exist. I'll loan you 52 when I come up this summer, but suffice it to say that the big hidden mystery was that there are now 52 parallel earths in existence as a result of Infinite Crisis. The Countdown book that just started will (I think) explore which earths they are. One of them certainly appears to be the Kingdom Come Earth. Beyond all that, the crossover is very entertaining. Some of the best mainstream stuff I've read in a while.

Thanks for the info, Doug!

I am trying to finish up a secret project over the long weekend, then starting another secret project, and maybe taking another pass at NEW JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Meanwhile, my baby graduates high school a week from Sunday. Other than that, nothing much going on, so give me a yell at

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