Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lyin' In Bed, With the Radio On, Moonlight Falls Like Rain

Today you can check out the first installment of a new article about my b-movie life that I wrote for Microcinema Scene called, appropriately enough, I WAS BIGFOOT'S SHEMP.

Speaking of which, the Polonia Brothers' notorious, and I do mean notorious, underground cult classic SPLATTER FARM is getting a DVD release. Made when they were mere teens, and received national distribution. Has a guy pooping out a knife, so proceed with caution.

Again speaking of which, Tim Shrum posted a nice interview with Mark Polonia at the Polonia Brothers Fan Site, and he gives me a shout-out.

My pal Dr. Squid had a lot of fun at Fango, and I wish I had been riding shotgun. Check out his account here.

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