Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friendly Neighborhood

I may be the last one to catch this bus, but I found out that Rashida Jones of THE OFFICE is the daughter of Peggy Lipton of THE MOD SQUAD. The likeness seems so obvious now. And I understand my overwhelming desire to see nice, sweet Jenna Fischer kicked to the curb. If only they would let Rashida wear a foxy pantsuit and go catch some criminals. Guys over 35, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

I took my Little Brother Harold to see SPIDER-MAN 3, along with a quarter billion other people. I think I liked it more than many, as it has been getting some lukewarm reviews.

SPOILERS, probably...

But, as a for instance, I laughed at the Emo haircut Rat Pack Spider-Man sequence and many people didn’t. I also felt joy when the marching band busted out the Spider-Man theme in the “Key to the City” sequence. I thought Thomas Haden Church was spot-on as Sandman, and I thought it was interesting how they modeled him a bit more on the version that appeared as, more or less, a good guy in the SILVER SABLE comic. The Venom thing is never going to make sense. I think, if I recall the go-go 80s well enough, Spider-Man originally found the black costume on some sort of barren rock out in space during SECRET WARS. I can probably google this and find out in five seconds, but I think that’s close enough. So that is no more ludicrous than a meteor crashing to earth nearby. It was just as well they wrapped up the Goblin story. The plot shows a lot of seams but there is enough fun to carry me over the rough spots.

Next Harold and I will be seeing RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, though I never saw the first FF movie.

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