Sunday, May 20, 2007

Badasssss Song

Writes my brother:

hey john. just read your blog re japanese release. all i gotta say is:


i love it. i'm not sure if that should be the name of a biography,
album, or maybe an 80's rapper. or all of the above.

I did not attend the mock car crash at the school Friday, where my daughter portrayed the kid getting mock-killed on prom night. Ironically, the drunk driver was portrayed by the kid who took her to prom last year. My wife decided to go, though, and said the worst moment was the zipping of the body bag, but the funniest was that her hair smelled like McDonald's french fries, being that her head was liberally splashed with ketchup on what was a warm day. Apparently some kids real-cried. It might have been worth it, as a father, to go and see if any boys looked teary-eyed, to be able to gauge future boyfriends.

The current boyfriend, who lives some distance away, stayed over after prom at the request of his parents, who didn't want him driving at four in the morning. I said that was fine, as long as he slept in the guest bedroom and I slept on the floor outside the door with a rope tied around my ankle and the other end tied around his.

Working on a rewrite of a new secret project.

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