Friday, May 18, 2007

Domo Arigato, Brice Kennedy

Brice Kennedy, who has given memorable turns in roles in PETER ROTTENTAIL and THE DA VINCI CURSE and other movies I didn't write, sent me this great email today:

This is pretty cool I've gotta say... After a conversation with a DP from Cine Excel this afternoon and bit of online sleuthing, I finally located the Japanese version of THE DA VINCI CURSE! AND IT'S FOR SALE!! Of course, being in the movie, I had to order a copy. It wasn't cheap... about 40 euros which comes out to about $58 U.S. but well worth it, I'm sure. The shipping'll take up to three weeks but again, worth the wait. Apparently, this was released in Japan on September 22 of last year. I've seen it already (comp screener for cast/crew) but haven't seen this version. I've been trying to track this down for months., baby! I've always wanted to see a foreign release of something I've been a part of. It's subtitled (not dubbed, unfortunately) and in widescreen and the box! Oh, the box! Far and away the best cover art for any PBE project. It's incredible.

SO... for interested parties, head over to Sazuma's website (German) at The DVD is region 2, of course so you (and I) will need either a region-free player or a hack on your existing player (found all over the net). The Tokyo-based distributor is Creative Axa and check this out... here's the link to the official page on Creative Axa's site. It's in Japanese but you can check out the cool cover art... . Only 3,999 yen! Act now!!

And a final little nugget of goodness... this is how the Babel site translates the synopsis on Creative Axa's site:

"It is hidden skillfully by ?????, the secret treasure = saintly cup which temple horseman group protects. Eternal life is brought to the person whom it has, this saintly relic the hand fake is with, Hitler corps Nazis started moving. If the saintly cup crosses the hand of the person et. al., the world is controlled in preponderant badness. The US military which fears that lowers dense life to the soldier of the elite. "You capture the saintly cup".... But, the person et. al. did not know. There is a power which exceeds human intelligence in the saintly cup, the human does not have to touch the hand under any condition, the notion that where -. Photographing: Mathieu S Smith special ????? effect: Crith male bone music: Parker ?????, Script: John Oak Dalton, Production Supervision: Mark Polo Near/John Polo Near/John Mack Bride" Preponderant badness! The Saintly Cup! The Polo Near Brothers! And John Mack Bride!

Hahaha.... this is by far the coolest thing I've seen in a long time and had to share this with you guys. If anyone plunks down the cash, post it here!

Later!! Brice Kennedy

Actually, that description of the movies is pretty accurate. Give me a yell at