Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Love is Like Oxygen

For those who can't wait any longer, you can go to Christopher Sharpe's website here and peep the first few minutes of SEX MACHINE, including a pretty snappy title sequence.

If I was in the Writer's Guild, somebody would probably owe me about ninety cents.

Speaking of which, I have been reading Premiere magazine for many years, and found out rather abruptly that it is ceasing publication. They have decided to fill out my subscription run by sending me, somewhat absurdly, Us magazine. Last week was the first issue I received, and the cover featured "Why Alec Snapped" and more tales of Katie's imprisonment, as well as fashion comments on a lot of actresses whom I don't recognize. This is not a replacement for Premiere magazine. If you have any suggestions, please post them. And don't say Variety or Hollywood Reporter. I only read those when I'm in them, once every year or two. The rest of the time it's like giving a hobo a copy of The Wall Street Journal.

Do you know what's been cool? The JLA/JSA/Legion cross-over. It is completely out of any sort of continuity but warms my heart nonetheless.

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GaryL said...

Do you get Entertainment Weekly? Not as great as it used to be, but still a decent read every week.

Ryan said...

The WGA collects foreign levies for non-WGA members, too.

John Oak Dalton said...


You appear to be smarter than me. Please post more! I'll cut you in for 10%. :)


John Oak Dalton said...


I seek out EW when I'm in the dentist's office or whatever, and I do enjoy it. Thanks for the good tip.