Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Groove is in the Heart

Just for the record, as I'm getting hits because of this, I'm not this John Dalton. Though this looks like a good read.

Although I've mentioned it before, I'm also not the Jon Dalton from Survivor, of the former Secretary of the Navy, or the science guy, although all of those guys seem to have done pretty well for themselves.

For once and for all, I'm the Bigfoot John Dalton.

Also, somebody got to my site by typing "sex in clothes," of all things. And this one: "bedside stands oak for institutional."

I got signed up for GenCon, the biggest gaming con in the world, one of the few places I can go and be one of the thinnest, coolest people there. Now my brother and I definitely have to write that d20 Modern version adventure module based on AMONG US that I want to run there. Just have until August, so I have to start percolating it.

I got a confirmation from Christopher Sharpe that he was happy with my second pass of his script SEX MACHINE and that they will be moving forward. I wish him luck on that, I think it's a neat project. Now I just have to find something new to put in my "at the keyboard" listing.

Honestly, I didn't read "The Pastel City" then "The Devil in the White City" then "God's Mountain" in a row out of some sort of linear thinking, but it sure looks odd in the sidebar, when you think about it.

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