Monday, April 05, 2004

Tales of Brave Ulysses

A long weekend, livened somewhat when I checked my webstats over lunch and saw that someone found my blog by typing in "b-movie, zoo, sex."

Well, this is a full-service blog.

Last night I watched a bit of my pal Jason's Red Sox get beat up on by the Orioles, (and my online fantasy league pitching ace Pedro Martinez get hammered, of all people). I never see the Orioles on TV, and since they are rumored to be good this year, with people like Javy Lopez and Miguel Tejada and Rafael Palmiero on board (as well as Ball State University alum Larry Bigbee, I'm sure I'll see them more often. Which is good, because I really like their quaint caps. Maybe I'll become a fan.

I've always written well when listening to baseball on television. There's something in the gentle pace of baseball that seems to stimulate my imagination. And there are always interesting names to tag onto characters when you're stuck--like Miguel Tejada, for instance, whose name was the inspiration for the voodoo master "Tejeda" in PETER ROTTENTAIL.

This time of year, the spring thaw, when hope grows anew, is when I usually get on a good writing run, so I am hoping for the same this year. Especially if the baseball season is good.

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