Thursday, July 29, 2004

Dr. Cyclops

I am going to Indianapolis tonight to judge some short film entries for the Oranje Arts and Music Event on Saturday, September 18 in Indy.  I belive these same entries may be used for another Indy Movie Experiment this fall in the Circle City as well.  It's the first time I've done anything with anyone local and probably high time that I started keepin' it real with my Hoosier peeps.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the statewide micro scene is all about and meet some of the people.

Speaking of Naptown, I've also got to spend a few days gearing up to run some games at GenCon--the biggest board game, miniature game, card game, role-playing game con in the nerd-verse-- which is just a few weeks away.  After many years of just playing at the Con, my brother and I--along with our pal The Caveman--decided to switch it up and run games for the first time, under the moniker Flayed Goblin Gaming Group.  We are running an Axis and Allies board game variant, a D&D hack-and-slash dungeon, some Marvel Superheroes SAGA games, the Circus Maximus board game, and a d20 Modern version of AMONG US (with a DVD given out to the best player).  My brother is visiting this weekend and we are going to spend some time trying to work up the AMONG US module.  If you are doing the Con, look for us.

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