Friday, July 30, 2004

Galaxy of Terror

As I mentioned yesterday, I went down to Indianapolis to help critique short films submitted to the Oranje Arts and Music Event in the Circle City. I finally met Tino Marquez of and other DV-slinging Hoosiers, trying to get their name out there from the Heartland of America. Seemed to be a good group of people.

There were some really solid shorts submitted, including two by Peter O'Keefe of South Bend; I especially liked his LULU TAKES A LOVER, which starts off as a quirky romantic comedy but ends in an explosion of Shakespearean tragedy, but BAD ADVICE, which told a parallel, split-screen story of a drug deal gone wrong, was also impressive. LULU is available at ifilm and is worth a look.

There was a decent little art-house piece called REPRESSION that will probably play pretty well also, and a little slice-of-life drama from Bunk Films called 2 A.M. that was nicely shot, though I enjoyed it well enough that I would have liked to see less in medias res and a more fully-expanded story.

All in all the shorts were well-received by the group there and I think this event will represent the scene pretty well. Seeing good work just makes me want to kick my game up a notch too.

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