Tuesday, July 20, 2004

MCF Sunday

Man, what a lot of great movies at Microcinema Fest.  Miguel Coyula's one part Shakespeare, one part Orwell RED COCKROACHES cleaned up with seven awards, including the coveted new Panasonic camera, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  Even though he likes to make movies where people kill their moms and sleep with their sisters.  TOM'S WIFE, about an abused woman in rural Texas in the 30s, clocked in with four well-deserved awards.  My pal Tyler Wilson's short ABOMINATION netted two, and the very moving AMERICAN INDIAN GRAFFITI snagged two as well.  All in all 25 awards spread among a handful of films.  It really gave me a spark to keep going with my own work, and go to another level.
I spent the weekend cleaning out the easement behind my house, pruning branches and shrubs, and ended up with a big-ass case of poison ivy, all over my face, arms, and legs.  Just in time for my 20th Class Reunion on Saturday.  Just what I needed!
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